Trek Allant +8S Review | A Seeeeeeriously Dialed-In Ride, But Is It Worth The Price Tag?

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Trek’s 8s is the rigid-frame, high-capacity version of the brand’s Allant+ electric commuter bike. We couldn’t wait to try it out! We share our thoughts in this Trek Allant+ 8s review.

The bike includes a Bosch Performance Line Speed mid-drive motor with 250W of nominal output. This motor can bring the Allant+ up to 28 mph confidently using smooth, steady power.

The Bosch drive system also pairs with the brand’s COBI.BIKE app that expands the bike’s functionality. It allows the rider to use their phone as a display, granting access to music, navigation, fitness and ride data, and more through a single central hub.

These high-end and high-tech components give the Allant+ 8s a truly refined feel, with excellent handling to boot. The bike felt solid, well-built, and stable while offering great maneuverability and a spirited ride.

To learn more about the bike, watch our Trek Allant+ 8s review!

0:00 Trek Allant+ 8s Review
00:42 Trek Allant+ 8s – Overview
05:26 Trek Allant+ 8s – Brake Test
06:41 Trek Allant+ 8s – Speed Test
10:49 Trek Allant+ 8s – Range Test
12:27 Trek Allant+ 8s – Hill Test
15:42 Trek Allant+ 8s – Ride Quality
24:05 Conclusion

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