Troxus Lynx Review 2023 | A Big Battery, Fat Tire, Cruiser

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The Troxus Lynx fills the increased need for multi-purpose electric bikes, which include carrying cargo and groceries, commuting, and for having fun. With its low profile and step-through frame, this e-bike is easy for anyone to hop on and fall in love with.

Sporting 20” x 4” fat tires, suspension forks, and BMX-style handlebar, almost anyone can safely operate this bike and immediately enjoy the freedom and exhilaration that riding an electric bike offers.

Powered by the 750-watt Bafang motor, the Lynx can help you reach new heights while helping you get around town – and around the traffic. As a Class 3 e-bike, the Lynx can take you to places you hadn’t thought an e-bike could take you; and it will give you experiences you hadn’t thought were possible.

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0:00 Troxus Lynx Review
1:26 Troxus Lynx Overview
3:53 Specs
6:33 Brake Test
8:01 Circuit Test
9:58 Battery/Range Test
11:40 Motor/Hill Test
13:24 Troxus Lynx Conclusion

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