Troxus Trax Review 2023 | One of the Largest Single Batteries on an E-Bike!

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Our review of the Troxus Trax 30/750 details the key components and ride quality of this electric commuter bike. We go over everything from the motor and battery, to the brakes and suspension, and all the other parts that make this bike what it is.

This review of the Trax also details the bike’s performance in all of our tests, including speed profile, battery range, hill climbing and braking. Our review tests give a clear picture of what you can expect when riding this e-bike.

Covering the ride quality, we give the details on adjusting for size, terrain and for long distance rides. Troxus offers a host of options so you can customize this bike to meet your specific needs. The bike we tested was their high end, featuring the 30Ah battery and 750W motor, and listing for under $3000.

Once you are done watching this review you should have a good idea on this bike’s suitability for riders. But if there’s anything else you want to know, let us know in the comments below!

0:00 Troxus Trax Review
0:37 Overview
2:38 Specs
5:46 Brake Test
7:10 Speed Test
8:33 Range Test
10:08 Hill Test
11:45 Troxus Trax Conclusion

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