Unboxing & Testing my FAT TIRE Electric Bike (HeyBike Mars)

Unboxing & Testing my FAT TIRE Electric Bike (HeyBike Mars)

The HeyBike Mars is a foldable bike that offers many benefits to cyclists. Its nimble handlebars offer excellent control and the large fat tires provide reassuring stability. It has an attractive red and black color scheme, which adds a sporty feel to your riding experience. The bike is suitable for riders from 5’3″ to 6’3″ and 330 pounds. However, its foldable design reduces its tensile strength.


If you’re on the lookout for an electric bike that offers maximum range and long battery life, you should check out the HeyBike Mars. This electric bike includes a front and rear LED light and a USB charging port for all your devices. Whether you’re on a trip or just need to get to work, you’ll find the battery life of Heybike Mars is plenty long, and its low price of $999 makes it a great buy. Another feature that you’ll love is the utility folding frame and fat tires.

The Heybike Mars is the brand’s flagship electric bike, with variable pedal assist and throttle options. This electric bike provides speed and efficiency, and it’s classed as a Class 2 or 3-class ebike. Its four-inch fat tires and 500-watt motor make it ideal for both urban and off-road riding. It also folds easily for storage and transport. A keyed lock is included for additional security.


The specifications of the HeyBike Mars E-Bike are impressive. It is 69 inches in length, 47 inches in width, and 175 cm in height. It weighs about 66 pounds. It is recommended for users who weigh between 150 and 200 kg. The recommended height for this bike is 5’3 to 6’3″. It is suitable for both flat and sand terrain. The battery of this E-Bike has a range of 48 miles. The main battery powers the front and rear LED lights. It also comes with a USB port for charging.

The Heybike Mars is available in two different modes: manual and pure electric. Its superior torque and power makes it ideal for off-road excursions, while its additional cargo space allows you to carry more things. The Mars has an LED headlight with a unique LED circle. And it is easy to carry, even in tight spaces. It is a versatile and convenient bike that will meet all your transportation needs. So, get one today!


If you are in the market for an electric bike, the HeyBike Mars is an excellent option. It is lightweight, foldable, and has a 48-mile range. It is compatible with most types of vehicles. You can recharge the battery with the included USB cable. The bike has an onboard LCD display that shows distance, time, power, and speed. It also has dual shock absorbers and a rear rack for your cargo.

The HeyBike Mars has a price of $999, and it’s well worth it for the fun it offers. It comes with fat tires and a folding utility frame, making it ideal for commuting or for exploring new areas. For a more traditional city-style bike, consider the HeyBike CityScape. It’s more affordable and features a similar design, but with larger tires.


The HeyBike Mars combines challenging characteristics with exceptional comfort and a low price. This electric bike is perfect for weekend trips and off-road excursions, with the sturdy tires measuring approximately four inches in diameter. The lightweight electric bike has a powerful 500-watt motor and dual shock absorbers to protect your legs and the environment from abrasion. The bike can also be used indoors and out in flat and similar terrain.

The Mars is equipped with a powerful 500-watt geared hub motor that can reach a maximum speed of 20 mph. The bike has a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain and offers an impressive 20 to 46-mile range. It also features 3 levels of pedal assistance, as well as full throttle mode. A thumb throttle on the right handle lets you pedal without the assistance of a motor, but this will reduce the battery’s range. Because it’s so powerful, the ride on the Mars can be tiring and may not be a good fit for everyone.

Buying guide

The HeyBike Mars electric bike is a foldable bicycle with a 48-mile range and thick, fat tires. It is easily portable and compatible with most vehicles. The on-board LCD display displays power, speed, and riding time. It weighs 66 pounds and is highly recommended for commuters. If you’re not sure what kind of battery power you need, consider a smaller model with a lower range.

The HeyBike Mars is powered by a 500-watt hub-drive brushless motor. The battery life of the Heybike Mars is up to 48 miles, and it has a USB port. It is also foldable and heavy, which can be an issue if you’re carrying it. However, if you’re looking for a more lightweight electric bicycle, consider the Heybike Mark, which weighs around 30 pounds.

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