Velotric T1 HS Review 2024 | Wait Till You See The Tech It’s Packing!

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The Velotric T1 HS is different from most city e-bikes we review for a couple of reasons. First, it’s one of the lightest e-bikes we’ve reviewed, tilting the scale at just 37 lbs. Velotric made a number of careful strategic decisions to create such a lightweight and fun e-bike. In our Velotric T1 HS review, we will look at what makes this such a refreshing take on a city e-bike.

To arrive at such a low weight, Velotric chose a 350W brushless, geared hub motor powered by a 353Wh battery. They left off things like a suspension fork, fenders, and a rear rack, which add a fair amount of weight and selected quick-rolling tires to help it accelerate easily and hold cruising speed.

Velotric offers a technology called Smart+ Hub that includes a GPS tracker. It allows riders to map their rides, track their e-bike’s location—including anti-theft alerts—plus other features like unlocking the T1 with your fingerprint. Smart+ Hub will even help riders follow their health metrics.

Riders looking for an e-bike suited to touring will love the many mounts they included on the frame and fork for racks and bags, and thanks to an 8-speed Shimano drivetrain, riders will have the gears necessary to climb any hill. Hydraulic disc brakes round out a terrific parts pick.

Our Velotric T1 HS review digs these and other details.

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