Velotric T1 ST Review 2023 | A lightweight e-bike with cool tech!

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The Velotric T1 ST is a lightweight city e-bike with integrated tech that we didn’t expect to see at this price point. We dive into the specs and real-world performance in our Velotric T1 ST review.

Priced between $1,000 and $1,500, the bike’s interface, motor, and battery reminded us of an advanced system we tested previously on a significantly more expensive machine. Add in the Apple Find My™ compatibility and you have an affordable recipe for success (and security)!

The bike’s lightweight frame makes it easy to lift and transport, but also gives it a nimble and agile feel on the go. It can maneuver effortlessly and accelerate rapidly to give a responsive and really fun ride!

For those concerned about stealth, the T1 ST hides its identity as an e-bike well. The motor is visible – but small – and there’s no obvious display, battery, or wiring. Even when it’s on, the motor is whisper-quiet, allowing you to blend in easily with a group of analog bikes.

This is just the basics though – see our Velotric T1 ST video review for more!

0:00 Velotric T1 ST Review
0:40 Overview
6:04 Brake Test
7:32 Speed Test
15:22 Range Test
16:58 Hill Test
20:41 Ride Quality
25:39 Velotric T1 ST Conclusion

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