Vvolt Proxima Review | Electric Commuter Bike (2022)

Vvolt Proxima Review | Electric Commuter Bike (2022)

Folks I don’t want to mince words on this Vvolt Proxima review: I REALLY enjoyed this bike.

Anytime we review an electric bike I usually stop short of telling people to run out and buy something, but from the onset of reviewing the Vvolt Proxima it appealed to me on so many levels that I think it’s a worthy contender on any shortlist and few other e-bikes have compelled me to say the words “buy this e-bike” like this one has.

This bike is a rigid commuter, but so many details go in to the handling that it rides like a dream if you’re okay to absorb a little road vibration. The steering is as precise as a scalpel, while the 250W mid-drive motor pedals in a fun, fast and natural way.

It’s not an e-bike without some limitations, some people will not love the smaller 350Wh battery, but with the perspective that most commutes are achieved within a round trip of 15 miles there is no reason to count this one out due to the battery.

Many other things standout on this bike from the sleek colors and styling, to the belt drive and Enviolo CVT rear hub drivetrain, but the value that Vvolt has packed into the Proxima to be a bike with brand name parts left and right while coming in well under $3,000 makes it easy to envision leaving the car at home and getting to and from on this bike.

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