Wahoo KICKR Bike Trainer Review | 2022

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It’s a busy world out there. Seemingly everything — from foul weather, to a heinous work schedule — is poised to get between you and a bike ride outside. That’s why smart trainers and indoor cycling software is all the rage right now.

In this Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainer review, we take a deep dive into one of the most in-demand direct drive trainers currently on the market. We look at its specs, features and even analyze some real-world results of what happens when you integrate the KICKR into a several month training plan.

The Wahoo KICKR is optimized for use with popular indoor cycling apps such as Zwift and Wahoo’s own SYSTM app, which use game-like interfaces to make indoor riding feel much closer to the real thing. The “smart” designation means the KICKR can connect with the device of your choice via Bluetooth or ANT+, syncing the trainer with the indoor cycling software to create an experience similar to the real world.

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