Yamaha CrossCore RC Review 2024 | Fantastic range for long-hauls with city handling!

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The Yamaha CrossCore RC is a hybrid commuter/city bike with a great ride feel and some seriously good looks. We dive into the details in this Yamaha CrossCore RC review!

The bike uses a Yamaha 250W mid-drive motor to assist the rider up to 28 miles per hour. We liked how this allowed the CrossCore RC to still feel like an analog bike even with maximum power output – it’s just that well-tuned! Class 3 speeds also help the rider to keep up with traffic, which makes the ride safer.

The 36V, 500 Wh battery is ALSO made by Yamaha – who would have thought 30 years of e-bike experience would cover so much? – and its performance in our Range Test blew our socks off. You’ll have to watch our review for the details, but we were highly impressed!

We also thoroughly enjoyed the bike’s handling, maneuverability, and spirited feel. With 640-mm handlebars, a balanced 53-lb frame, and CST street tires, the CrossCore might look like a commuter, but it feels so much more nimble!

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0:00 Yamaha CrossCore RC Review
0:37 Overview
4:19 Brake Test
5:26 Speed Test
9:24 Range Test
11:17 Hill Test
14:30 Ride Quality
21:11 Yamaha CrossCore RC Conclusion

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